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Supervisor -  Fred Lewis

Clerk -  Sue Reilly

Treasurer - Roma J. Bassi

Trustee - Dianne M. Allen

Trustee - Micheal Reilly

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So far the Fall of 2017 will be one for the record books.  Not necessarily the records that we want to see broken, record heat, record weather and record tragedy.  Many of us are asking what we can do to help those affected by these acts of god and maniacs.  While our actions today cannot change the results from yesterday, they can impact all of our tomorrows.  Our thoughts and prayers are always with those that lost so much in these tragedies but our strength comes from our ability to always stand tall, next to one another, regardless of our differences and live well.  Volunteer at a local non-profit.  Get involved in a local community service organization.  Organize or volunteer at a blood drive, or for that matter give blood.  We all have many things around us that need doing and somehow always seem to get done.  It is not magical how this happens, it is through the service worker or volunteer in many cases that these small tasks are achieved and make everything around us more “normal”.  Sometimes the simplest act of kindness like helping someone with bags at the store or helping someone clean their house is all that is necessary to change our feelings or beliefs.  And we are the only ones that we can change.  No matter what choice you make on how to handle these events one choice is clear, become informed.  I don’t mean that we listen to the talking heads on the news feeds that just want us to believe what they tell us.  What we need to do is read different accounts, find the common reports or information in those different views and in there you will find the truth.  From that truth we need to apply our God given common sense and ask ourselves if this makes sense.  Be sure that what you are listening to is actual fact and not some reporters’ opinion.  Too much of what we are bombarded with 24/7 is not fact but editorial talking about their or someone else’s opinion.  I miss the days when we could go to the news just to see what events were occurring in the local, state and world stages instead of getting the opinions about how we should feel or perceive some act or event that occurred.  We are smart enough to draw our own conclusions.  But those conclusions need to be based on reality, fact, not some persons’ view of the facts.  So find that information, ask questions and keep asking until you are satisfied that the answer is complete and not just a snow job trying to get you to stop questioning and remember sometimes truth may not come with the answer you want.  The last piece to this confusing issue is social media; Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and any other social app.  Most of these sites are the re-telling of a story by someone else with no checking and no responsibility.  Much of this is opinion and has no way of being checked for fact.  In many cases it is like reading someone’s diary.  Posts are made in anger and hurt and are never meant for public consumption but before our emotions can be checked, we’ve hit send or post and it is out there for all to see and it can never be taken back.  So with so much happening around us take a little time to reflect, calm ourselves and look around.  Things have not changed so much around us, the seasons continue to change, our kids still bug us, the neighbor still needs to borrow tools and Michigan still can’t seem to beat Michigan State.(what’s up with that?)  So smile, enjoy the Fall splendor and don’t take things so seriously, lighten up.  Life really is too short.

As always if you ever have any questions, comments or concerns regarding our community please contact me.  I am in the office Monday – Friday 7:30 – 4:00 at 989-728-2811 or my cell at 989-984-7073 or by email supervisor@plainfieldtwpmi.com.

Fred Lewis – Supervisor

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